monologue story

monologuetm evolved from a long line of craftsmanship and tradition since the founding of our parent company dating back to 1945.

As a young child, our founder's granddaughter grew up surrounded by paper and note books. She loved stationery but found the company's offerings too unadventurous, preferring to save up her pocket money to spend on designs from other brands. When she finished school and joined the family business, she set out to create a new stationery line, one she would be drawn to use herself.

monologuetm was thus created in 2007 - designed to rekindle the love of putting pen to paper in a digital age.

Starting with the signature Ruled Notebook, the monologuetm range has since grown to include many exciting products such as sketch books and lifestyle items.

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment & in retrospect" -Anaïs Nin-

With a wide array of colours to choose from, defining your style has never been easier.

Take time to find yourself and one day, you will find the right words to 

  Articulate Your World