Below is a list of online reviews on monologue.

Every piece of monologue is designed to bring out the best of your life. We constantly seek to improve on all our offerings so that we stay true to our promise to articulate your world. Therefore, we welcome you to share with us your experience of using a monologue product. 

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Carla Chua Illustrations

Soft Sketch Book – “Pencil work really comes out best. Love sketching on the surface!”

On Fountain Pens 

Contrast Ruled Note Book – “Because of the thin paper, the notebook can’t seem to withstand very inky stuff… such as calligraphy pens and markers. Nevertheless, you can still use “normal” rollerballs, ballpoints and (of course) pencils and it will do you just fine.”

Journaling Journeys

Ruled Note Book & Contrast Ruled Note Book – “The sizes of the notebooks are varied, which is a plus, as there is a size for everyone (especially the A8; I do not think I have ever seen a journal that small.)”

The Travel Gear Reviews

Travel Book – “The water resistant (not waterproof) feature could probably be helpful if your backpack gets soaked or you get caught in the rain while traveling.”

Planet Millie 

Ruled Note Book – “The A6 notebook is similar to others on the market, but the addition of a pen loop makes it a good choice for notebooks you keep with you all day.”

Harmony Thoughts 

Basics Sketch Book – “The paper is strong enough to handle washes, color blending and softening of colors.”

Economy Pens 

Ruled Note Book – “tried a variety of writing implements, and the writing experience was quite nice.”

Paper Love Story 

Sketch Pad – “This sketchpad is really, really impressive….the paper quality is excellent.”

Present of Minds 

Ruled Note Book & Platinum Note Book – “sturdy and bound with quality craftsmanship….you will probably enjoy holding, looking at, and using one of these notebooks.”

East Where Everywhere 

Ruled Note Book, Basics Note Book, Platinum Note Book – “notebooks in the Monologue line are well-made, given that one of them survived my chaotic messenger bag for the past two weeks remaining unscathed.”

Sue Pownall Illustrator

Soft Sketch Book, Sketch Pad – “I'm pleased with the result and the way the Monologue sketchbook took the paint.”

The Well Appointed Desk 

Basics Sketch Book – “The paper feels toothier and more like an art paper. To be honest, the paper is thicker than most budget-priced sketchbooks found in the US. I quite liked using it.”

Larry D Marshall 

Sketch Pad, Basics Sketch Book – “In general, I give the paper high marks, though it’s not for those wanting to work wet-in-wet with big sloppy washes.”

Inkophile by Margana

Platinum Note Book, Basics Sketch Book, Contrast Ruled Note Book - "The form is very well executed for all of Monologue’s notebooks. Details are available elsewhere and there was nothing disappointing in my use of their products."

Life Imitates Doodles

Sketch Pad - "This paper works beautifully with oil pastel, taking the weight well, and pulling the color from the stick smoothly and evenly."

Parka Blogs

Sketch Pad - "Overall, the paper is quite versatile but it's definitely more suitable for dry medium. I prefer using ink and coloured pencils with it."

Basics Sketch Book - "quite decent for casual sketching"

no pens intended blog

Soft Sketch Book - "With the elastic band, I’m definitely more comfortable throwing this sketchbook in a bag."

erwin cherng zhi

Soft Sketch Book - "I am very familiar with the Monologue series and have been traveling and sketching with the A6 soft sketchbook for a while now."

addicted to pens and paper

Jotter - "There is an expandable pocket in the back, but the pen loop interferes with it a bit."